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Clash of Clans Hacks: Why Are They Important?

Have you ever experienced playing a video game and get stuck on a particular stage every time you try to beat the challenge? You feel hopeless knowing that you have already exerted your best effort yet you still end up on the same stage where you ended in your previous game? When will you ever see any progress? Well, it is now possible to get a winning advantage when it comes to video games. One example is by using Clash of Clans hack.


The said game is one type of video game that has gained popularity worldwide. In fact, many find this addictive. This works by simply building a base, find ways to protect it and finally train troops that will attack others. To expand your base, you will need to obtain additional elixir resources and gold. By doing such, your site will become bigger and of course better! To get your base running, you need to fortify it to secure your treasures. It pays to put your town hall in the center so taking down this structure will never be easy. Shopping for fixtures for your defenses is also equally important. You may choose to use mortar and walls to reduce the chances of being raid and prevent anyone from stealing your elixir and gold. Make sure your wall is upgraded to level 3 as soon as possible. Be wise in spending these resources. Once your base is well protected, you will then be ready to attack others. Your ultimate goal is to collect trophies and gold to win the match.


While some people opt to follow the standard game, others wanted to do more than they are capable of playing of. If you have a lot of budget, you can use your money to have a winning advantage and get ahead in the game. Gems can be yours by trading them with real money. However, you need to know that you don’t really need to spend out from your own pocket. You can use Clash of Clans hack which will still help you win the game. You can find this at And the best thing is; this can be yours for free! In return you can have unlimited gold, elixir and precious gems or stones.

Nieuwe Game Trucs created a tool that will check for free gems in this game. As expected, you will have the chance to grow faster as soon as you have more gems. Putting up buildings can now be faster as your troop swiftly does it for you. With more gems, you will have larger armies. This means better protection for your base and of course more power to attack others. Expect to be building more huts, more buildings and the chance to upgrade. You will not be banned for using Elite Game Tool since this is 100% safe to use. And because it is free, you don’t have to spend even a penny to make progress in your game.?????????????????????

Things to Remember in Head Shot Photography

headshot 2

These days, you can re-create the beauty of the person through photography. However, it takes skills to master this piece. Everyone can be beautiful when captured by the camera. However, even the most beautiful person can still look ugly when the shots are not taken well. Below are some important reminders that need to be remembered in head shot photography.


Facial Expression Matters a Lot


A photographer must remind the subject that smile can convey a thousand words. Though one opts not to smile, the person must never appear very serious. Have your subject look at the camera but position this gadget above the person so the photo won’t come up with a double chin look. It may help to have the person practice portraying a desired facial expression on the mirror before taking the final shot. However, the photographer is responsible to instruct the subject on the direction of one’s eyes.

hs infographic  1


Check the subject’s composition


Unless the person wants to obtain a passport photo, one must avoid a symmetrical stance. It is better for the subject to look natural and not align the shoulder to avoid looking too formal. One can sit or stand with each shoulder set on the front and back.


The trick to having the right symmetry is to fit the person on the frame behind him. This frame can be a door or a corridor. And one’s head must be set on the middle. If you want the subject to look stronger and taller, take the picture from a lower angle. This means taking the shot above the subject will have the opposite effect. There are other factors that are worth considering like the space where the person is looking (when subject opts to look at the side), person’s attire and the setting.

The good news is; there are many Headshots Los Angeles photographers these days who are not only master in their field but are also happy in what they are doing. And the best example for this is Keren Ben Ami Photography.


4 Most Sought Tourist Destinations in Myanmar

Myanmar 2

Planning for your next vacation? Why not try Myanmar Private Holidays? They have tour package options to choose from. And among these are as follows:

Mingun Village

It’s a northern Mandalay village reputed for many tourist attractions such as historical relics. It has the world’s heaviest bell named the Mingun bell. Do you want to see its 2 gigantic statues? Visit Hsinbyume / Myatheindan. If you want to go uphill as high as 1000m above sea level then check out the town of Pyin oo Lwin. It has won the tourist’s hearts because of its National Garden Kandawgyi. And you can’t help but notice its clock tower parcel, looking the same way as Big Ben’s in London. The list can be endless. In fact, it has Pwe Kauk and Anisakan waterfalls. And of course, its Pyeik Chin Miang cave is worth mentioning.

Inle Lake

This has breathtaking sceneries. You will not only fall in love with the stunning beauty of its lake but will also appreciate the view of its vineyards and golden Buddha statues.



This has Myanmar’s most known Myanmar temples. In fact, this place has more than 2000 temples built on 1000 religious architectures. Bagan is touted to be the most attractive place to visit in Myanmar.


This is considered as Myanmar’s biggest city. This is loved by tourists because of its famous places like Thaketa’s crocodile farm, Kandawgyi and Inya Lake, Holy Trinity Cathedral and many others. It also comes with primitive beaches featuring white sand and blue waters.

Myanmar is not only loved for its tourist destinations but also receives a lot of praise for its foods and delicacies. It is known for its curry, tofu, sweet snacks and tea shops. Hence, your eyes and your stomach will surely feast in your visit to Myanmar. So add this to your list of places to visit and check it out.


Flood Water Removal and Water Restoration in Carlsbad

Water damage could occur to any home or commercial building. It could lead to a financial disaster when handled improperly. The best course of action should begin with preventing further water damage.

The job should be left with the right professionals capable of fixing the water damages. You only need to contact someone who could provide a reliable service when it comes to water damage repair and water restoration. Silver Olas is the company that could answer your water damage emergencies through their 24 hour hotline. They understand accidents could strike at any time and they are always ready to respond to your needs. They are the best Water Damage Carlsbad, California repair service has. Their workers are IIRC certified. This means they follow a standard set of guidelines promoted by the IIRC.


All workers are well experienced when it comes to water damage repair and water reconstruction. They can give you an estimate of the costs and duration of the entire process. You can expect the job will always be done thoroughly and fast. Implementation of improper water restoration process could lead to further problems such as mold growth. You do not need to worry about this during because they will monitor the progress daily. Their drying fans and dehumidifiers could remove moisture from the household. A thermal imaging device is used to ensure that all moisture has been removed from places where it should not be.

Silver Olas is the company that could provide you a reliable and quality cleaning service. They have the well experienced team capable of handling water damage emergencies. You can expect a quick response from their 24 hour hotline and they will arrive at your home ready. For more information about the amazing cleaning services that Silver Olas offers, you can check out their website at


GTA 5 Cheats for PS4

The number of gaming addicts is growing, they’re everywhere. Every country with access to gaming gadgets has a group of competent gamers. No matter what age you’re in, gaming is something that doesn’t just die inside of you. Whether you’re young or young at heart, gaming is for everyone. Once a gamer, always a gamer.


From your first ever video gaming console to your most modern one, nobody could describe the happiness it brings. Gaming has its own benefits. It relieves out stress, a source of enjoyment, it brings out the inner child in you. From a simple leisure time or form of entertainment to profession, gaming cannot be underestimated. Play Station was first developed and released in the year 1994 by Sony Computer Entertainment. Its successor has been considered to be the highest selling game console up to the recent time. With its fourth developed console, PS4 which was released in 2013 was the fastest selling console in history. PlayStation 4 enables interaction with other gaming gadgets for a more fun social gameplay. More variety of games can be played with it. Among the top games, GTA or the Grand Theft Auto has long been the most favorite one. From its first release up to its fifth generation and more upgraded version, GTA is one game no gamer has missed. It has been famous in the gaming industry that cheat codes are used to play GTA.



Upon its release of GTA 5, gamers all over the world have been in search for the new cheat codes to use. While some cheat codes are released by the developers themselves, some third party websites are up for supplying reliable source of GTA 5 cheats PS4. The website offers exceptional products for your GTA 5 gaming experience. Check it out!

What It Means To Care for a Tree

There is popular saying that goes, “you have lived a life if you have planted a tree, written a book and sired a son”. And because not everyone can write and not everyone is gifted with a son, the one thing that everyone can do is plant a tree. But planting a tree is just half the job. You need to ensure that the seed that you planted will grow and flourish into a tree which, if cared well, can outgrow you and be a source of joy for you and your family.

Trees need caring. You need to make sure that they are pruned so that they grow to their desired height and that do not interfere with other trees or structures in your property. You need to ensure that their roots have enough space to grow. Planting a tree near a paved area might cause damage or cracks to the concrete when the roots expand. You also have to tend to the falling leaves, which, if they find their way to downspouts or drains, might cause clogs and damage to your property. Old trees can also be a cause of potential danger as their weakened root system might cause for it to fall and destroy lives and property. These are just some of the many things that you need to pay attention to when you have trees in your property.


To help you know more about taking care of your trees, you need to consult an Atlanta tree care service provider. These companies provide tree evaluations and offer a wide array of services to help you care for your trees. They offer trimming and pruning services depending on what your tree needs for it to grow strong and healthy. This may involve removing of dead or dying branches, cutting to reduce the height or width of the tree and directional pruning to encourage growth in certain areas, among many others.

We The People

We The People is a grassroots organization founded in 1996. Our responsibility is to expose the truth, educate and inform on what we face in our nation today. The issues are many, the task is huge and the time is now. America is under assault from within and from abroad. I ask, “if not now, when? And if not us, then who?”

Once they fracture our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our Sovereignty, our Nation as we know it will become a distant memory. We, the People, cannot let it happen on our watch.

Americans must demand a nuclear, biological and chemical detection system throughout our nation. We must prepare for the unthinkable! All the alerts don’t mean a damn thing if we cannot detect the potential threat we face today! This enemy will use any means to deliver it.

Secret service,Bush and Neel

When President Bush travels around the United States, the Secret Service visits the location ahead of time and orders local police to set up “free speech zones” or “protest zones,” where people opposed to Bush policies (and sometimes sign-carrying supporters) are quarantined. These zones routinely succeed in keeping protesters out of presidential sight and outside the view of media covering the event.

When Bush went to the Pittsburgh area on Labor Day 2002, 65-year-old retired steel worker Bill Neel was there to greet him with a sign proclaiming, “The Bush family must surely love the poor, they made so many of us.”

The local police, at the Secret Service’s behest, set up a “designated free-speech zone” on a baseball field surrounded by a chain-link fence a third of a mile from the location of Bush’s speech.

The police cleared the path of the motorcade of all critical signs, but folks with pro-Bush signs were permitted to line the president’s path. Neel refused to go to the designated area and was arrested for disorderly conduct; the police also confiscated his sign.

Neel later commented, “As far as I’m concerned, the whole country is a free-speech zone. If the Bush administration has its way, anyone who criticizes them will be out of sight and out of mind.”

At Neel’s trial, police Detective John Ianachione testified that the Secret Service told local police to confine “people that were there making a statement pretty much against the president and his views” in a so-called free- speech area.

Paul Wolf, one of the top officials in the Allegheny County Police Department, told Salon that the Secret Service “come in and do a site survey, and say, ‘Here’s a place where the people can be, and we’d like to have any protesters put in a place that is able to be secured.’ “

Pennsylvania District Judge Shirley Rowe Trkula threw out the disorderly conduct charge against Neel, declaring, “I believe this is America. Whatever happened to ‘I don’t agree with you, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it’?”

Similar suppressions have occurred during Bush visits to Florida. A recent St. Petersburg Times editorial noted, “At a Bush rally at Legends Field in 2001, three demonstrators — two of whom were grandmothers — were arrested for holding up small handwritten protest signs outside the designated zone. And last year, seven protesters were arrested when Bush came to a rally at the USF Sun Dome. They had refused to be cordoned off into a protest zone hundreds of yards from the entrance to the Dome.”

One of the arrested protesters was a 62-year-old man holding up a sign, “War is good business. Invest your sons.” The seven were charged with trespassing, “obstructing without violence and disorderly conduct.”

Police have repressed protesters during several Bush visits to the St. Louis area as well. When Bush visited on Jan. 22, 150 people carrying signs were shunted far away from the main action and effectively quarantined.

Denise Lieberman of the American Civil Liberties Union of Eastern Missouri commented, “No one could see them from the street. In addition, the media were not allowed to talk to them. The police would not allow any media inside the protest area and wouldn’t allow any of the protesters out of the protest zone to talk to the media.”

When Bush stopped by a Boeing plant to talk to workers, Christine Mains and her 5-year-old daughter disobeyed orders to move to a small protest area far from the action. Police arrested Mains and took her and her crying daughter away in separate squad cars.

The Justice Department is now prosecuting Brett Bursey, who was arrested for holding a “No War for Oil” sign at a Bush visit to Columbia, S.C. Local police, acting under Secret Service orders, established a “free-speech zone” half a mile from where Bush would speak. Bursey was standing amid hundreds of people carrying signs praising the president. Police told Bursey to remove himself to the “free-speech zone.”

Bursey refused and was arrested. Bursey said that he asked the police officer if “it was the content of my sign, and he said, ‘Yes, sir, it’s the content of your sign that’s the problem.’ ” Bursey stated that he had already moved 200 yards from where Bush was supposed to speak. Bursey later complained, “The problem was, the restricted area kept moving. It was wherever I happened to be standing.”

Bursey was charged with trespassing. Five months later, the charge was dropped because South Carolina law prohibits arresting people for trespassing on public property. But the Justice Department — in the person of U.S. Attorney Strom Thurmond Jr. — quickly jumped in, charging Bursey with violating a rarely enforced federal law regarding “entering a restricted area around the president of the United States.”

If convicted, Bursey faces a six-month trip up the river and a $5,000 fine. Federal Magistrate Bristow Marchant denied Bursey’s request for a jury trial because his violation is categorized as a petty offense. Some observers believe that the feds are seeking to set a precedent in a conservative state such as South Carolina that could then be used against protesters nationwide.

Bursey’s trial took place on Nov. 12 and 13. His lawyers sought the Secret Service documents they believed would lay out the official policies on restricting critical speech at presidential visits. The Bush administration sought to block all access to the documents, but Marchant ruled that the lawyers could have limited access.

Bursey sought to subpoena Attorney General John Ashcroft and presidential adviser Karl Rove to testify. Bursey lawyer Lewis Pitts declared, “We intend to find out from Mr. Ashcroft why and how the decision to prosecute Mr. Bursey was reached.” The magistrate refused, however, to enforce the subpoenas. Secret Service agent Holly Abel testified at the trial that Bursey was told to move to the “free-speech zone” but refused to cooperate.

The feds have offered some bizarre rationales for hog-tying protesters. Secret Service agent Brian Marr explained to National Public Radio, “These individuals may be so involved with trying to shout their support or nonsupport that inadvertently they may walk out into the motorcade route and be injured. And that is really the reason why we set these places up, so we can make sure that they have the right of free speech, but, two, we want to be sure that they are able to go home at the end of the evening and not be injured in any way.” Except for having their constitutional rights shredded.

The ACLU, along with several other organizations, is suing the Secret Service for what it charges is a pattern and practice of suppressing protesters at Bush events in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, Texas and elsewhere. The ACLU’s Witold Walczak said of the protesters, “The individuals we are talking about didn’t pose a security threat; they posed a political threat.”

The Secret Service is duty-bound to protect the president. But it is ludicrous to presume that would-be terrorists are lunkheaded enough to carry anti-Bush signs when carrying pro-Bush signs would give them much closer access. And even a policy of removing all people carrying signs — as has happened in some demonstrations — is pointless because potential attackers would simply avoid carrying signs. Assuming that terrorists are as unimaginative and predictable as the average federal bureaucrat is not a recipe for presidential longevity.

The Bush administration’s anti-protester bias proved embarrassing for two American allies with long traditions of raucous free speech, resulting in some of the most repressive restrictions in memory in free countries.

When Bush visited Australia in October, Sydney Morning Herald columnist Mark Riley observed, “The basic right of freedom of speech will adopt a new interpretation during the Canberra visits this week by George Bush and his Chinese counterpart, Hu Jintao. Protesters will be free to speak as much as they like just as long as they can’t be heard.”

Demonstrators were shunted to an area away from the Federal Parliament building and prohibited from using any public address system in the area.

For Bush’s recent visit to London, the White House demanded that British police ban all protest marches, close down the center of the city and impose a “virtual three-day shutdown of central London in a bid to foil disruption of the visit by anti-war protesters,” according to Britain’s Evening Standard. But instead of a “free-speech zone,” the Bush administration demanded an “exclusion zone” to protect Bush from protesters’ messages.

Such unprecedented restrictions did not inhibit Bush from portraying himself as a champion of freedom during his visit. In a speech at Whitehall on Nov. 19, Bush hyped the “forward strategy of freedom” and declared, “We seek the advance of freedom and the peace that freedom brings.”

Attempts to suppress protesters become more disturbing in light of the Homeland Security Department’s recommendation that local police departments view critics of the war on terrorism as potential terrorists. In a May terrorist advisory, the Homeland Security Department warned local law enforcement agencies to keep an eye on anyone who “expressed dislike of attitudes and decisions of the U.S. government.” If police vigorously followed this advice, millions of Americans could be added to the official lists of suspected terrorists.

Protesters have claimed that police have assaulted them during demonstrations in New York, Washington and elsewhere.

One of the most violent government responses to an antiwar protest occurred when local police and the federally funded California Anti-Terrorism Task Force fired rubber bullets and tear gas at peaceful protesters and innocent bystanders at the Port of Oakland, injuring a number of people.

When the police attack sparked a geyser of media criticism, Mike van Winkle, the spokesman for the California Anti-Terrorism Information Center told the Oakland Tribune, “You can make an easy kind of a link that, if you have a protest group protesting a war where the cause that’s being fought against is international terrorism, you might have terrorism at that protest. You can almost argue that a protest against that is a terrorist act.”

Van Winkle justified classifying protesters as terrorists: “I’ve heard terrorism described as anything that is violent or has an economic impact, and shutting down a port certainly would have some economic impact. Terrorism isn’t just bombs going off and killing people.”

Such aggressive tactics become more ominous in the light of the Bush administration’s advocacy, in its Patriot II draft legislation, of nullifying all judicial consent decrees restricting state and local police from spying on those groups who may oppose government policies.

On May 30, 2002, Ashcroft effectively abolished restrictions on FBI surveillance of Americans’ everyday lives first imposed in 1976. One FBI internal newsletter encouraged FBI agents to conduct more interviews with antiwar activists “for plenty of reasons, chief of which it will enhance the paranoia endemic in such circles and will further service to get the point across that there is an FBI agent behind every mailbox.”

The FBI took a shotgun approach toward protesters partly because of the FBI’s “belief that dissident speech and association should be prevented because they were incipient steps toward the possible ultimate commission of act which might be criminal,” according to a Senate report.

On Nov. 23 news broke that the FBI is actively conducting surveillance of antiwar demonstrators, supposedly to “blunt potential violence by extremist elements,” according to a Reuters interview with a federal law enforcement official.

Given the FBI’s expansive definition of “potential violence” in the past, this is a net that could catch almost any group or individual who falls into official disfavor.

James Bovard is the author of “Terrorism & Tyranny: Trampling Freedom, Justice, and Peace to Rid the World of Evil.” This article is adapted from one that appeared in the Dec. 15 issue of the American Conservative.