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Nip Trouble?

Are you afraid of wearing your favourite dress because of the fear that your nips might just show through it? Do not worry; you are not the only women afraid of it because according to a recent survey conducted by women’s magazine- Lisa, more than 60% of the women have same fear for at least one of their favourite dresses. Here we will try to solve this problem by giving you some of the top dressing tips. After reading this article, none of your glamourous moments will be spoilt because of that little thing poking out of your dress.


Nipple covers are the latest thing that is trending in the down. Attention ladies! All your nip related problems will be solved through these nip covers. You might be thinking that these nip covers only solve one type problem- the fashion problem. Ladies with different needs such as lactating mothers are also benefitting from them. Some women, who are tired of wearing a bra, have also taken up nip covers in a big way. A nip cover such as silicone pasties can completely rid you the need for wearing a bra.

Nipple covers come in many different shapes, sizes and material. We recommend that you should use a nip cover that is made up of silicone because it gives you the advantage of re-usability. Covers that are made up of fibre or plastic cannot be used again because they carry the risk of causing infection if you use them multiple times. Covers made up of silicone are washable and re-usable. Some of the silicone covers can be reused up to 40 times. These are high quality covers that need to be protected from damage and dryness when not in use. They are stored in a special gel when not in use. Nip covers come in various styles as well. Some of them are based on vacuum, which means that they can be pasted on your nips without the help of any adhesive. Though they are simple to use but cannot be used multiple times. There are other types of pasties which can be pasted on your nips with the help of an adhesive. They can be reused multiple times.

Pasties come in different shapes also. For small nip sizes, there are small nip covers available. Similarly, for large nip sizes, you can use the large sized pasties. Pasties have revolutionized the way women dress.