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How To Select The Best Car Seat For Your Kid?

Everyone loves their kids and always try to ensure the best for their wards in their lives. They leave no stone unturned to provide safety, comfort and security to their kids. From the aspect of safety and comfort to the kids the seats for your infant or toddlers in the car come into mind. Stats reveal that many casualties happen every year to the kids and toddlers due to their inappropriate sittings in the cars. The safety and comfort of kids is of paramount important and here are a few tips that would help you in finding the best infant car seat for them in your car.


Follow the owner’s manual: You need to go through the car owner’s manual to find the exact place for your toddler’s seat in the car. Also you need to know what arrangement is there to fix the attachment. If it has to be fastened by the seat belt then there is little task involved but if the LATCH system=m is used then you must be sure of the arrangements already there in the car.

Selection of correct seat: Make sure you select the proper car seat considering the kid’s age, height and weight. Rear facing, forward facing and booster seat, each of them follow separate guidelines and you must be sure of the type you are getting for the kid.

Room for back seat: While fixing the seat for the kid you must remember who will use the rear seat and how much space you are leaving for their use.

Ask for easy installation: Pick the one that is easy to install and remove as well. Also ask for a detailed sketch or diagram with the steps of installation.

Proper belt path: Check the belt path that it is easily accessible. The seat belt fastened is also safe and secures enough to protect the child on the go. Just to check, keep this in your mind that there should not be more than one inch side to side movement for the seat once the seat belt is fastened.

Locking system: The two piece retainer clips are proven to be difficult enough for the kid to open and tamper with.

Harness adjustment: Make sure all the harness adjustments are easy enough for you and also easily accessible.

Keep cleaning in mind: Since it is your baby using it, you must want it to remain clean and free from anything causing infections etc. Pick the one that a=is easy to clean and the materials are also washable.

It’s your judgment that will ensure the safety of your baby so you need to exercise extra care while picking the correct seat for the kid.